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Who qualify for Life Settlement ?

Age / Health: Most people that ultimately sell their policies are 65+ years old or have a serious medical condition. In some cases, younger individuals who have a serious illness may also have policies that qualify.

Policy Type: Whole life, universal life, variable universal life and term life. Group life insurance policies may also qualify in certain situations.

Policy Size: The existing policy should have at least $100,000 in face value.

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When a Life Settlement is recommended ?

  • – Coverage is no longer needed
  • – Medical and long term care costs have risen
  • – Premiums are unaffordable
  • – Retirement is underfunded
  • – The end of the term conversion period is approaching
  • – The policy can be replaced by one that is more efficient
  • – The value of an estate or business has reduced
  • – Marital status has changed
  • – Retirement or sale of a business

What is a Life Settlement?

A Life settlement is when someone sells their life insurance policy to a third party. The policy seller receives a lump sum cash payout that is more than the cash surrender value, but less than the death benefit. The buyer receives the policy’s death benefit when the seller passes.

Anyone with a severe medical condition knows that health insurance doesn’t cover everything. Fortunately, life insurance policyholders have a few options that can help solve financial problems. A Life settlement is one of them.

Meet Judy – Age 79

Policy was no longer needed for estate planning Client was able to fund all lifestyle and caregiving needs. Type of Policy | Survivorship UL – One Deceased
Policy Face Value | $5,000,000
Cash Surrender Value | $185,000
Life Settlement Value | $750,000

Meet James – Age 75

Business was sold, and the policy was no longer needed Business owner was able to receive additional value above and beyond the sale of the company. Type of Policy | Term Conversion
Policy Face Value | $2,000,000
Cash Surrender Value | $185,000
Life Settlement Value | $350,000